VCAN helps Vancouver growers create and manage urban agriculture projects, large and small.

Our work includes these pilot projects:

The Pandora Park Community Garden near Hastings and Nanaimo was still under construction in November 2009. With dozens of eager residents helping to develop the group and build the site, it looks like a promising crop for 2010. If you’re in the area, check here to see about joining in.

The World in a Garden, located at East Blvd. and 57th in Kerrisdale, began as a cooperative effort between the Jewish Family Services Agency and the Spare Time Fun Day Care Centre out of David Lloyd George School. It now includes individual community members as well…and it has turned into a great resource for education and advocacy around food issues.

The Hastings Folk Garden is an urban farm on the 100-block of Hastings Street near Columbia (two doors from the Insite safe injection facility). An article on the project from the Vancouver Province newspaper.

The Cedar Cottage Community Garden turned an unused (except by vandals) parcel of land under the Skytrain railway near Trout Lake at Victoria and 19th and Hull into a 60-plot project that’s bringing the neighbourhood together (except for the vandals). There’s always more work to be done if you want to get involved.

The South China Creek Community Garden on Glen near Broadway has turned a seldom-visited patch of turf in a Vancouver park into a high-use growing zone collectively managed by more than 45 area residents. More would like to join, but there’s already a waiting list.