The Vancouver Community Agriculture Network (VCAN) was a three-year program to help low income and other groups start and manage community gardens in Vancouver. It was a collaboration between Tree City, the Environmental Youth Alliance, the PHS Community Services Society and UBC Land and Food Systems Faculty.

It also advocated for  urban agriculture, supported growers coming together to lobby policymakers and offered education and consultation to individuals on how to grow food in the city organically.

We’re happy to report the program was a success. A small seed can grow into a wonderful thing. In this case  ive pilot community gardens which began with a few like-minded folks sitting around a table to talk about how to improve things  have blossomed into living community amenities serving hundreds of families. The best part is seeing how they continue to grow and take on new challenges of their own, making a real difference in building healthy, green neighbourhoods.

As VCAN is no longer funded, operations have ended. But because we still get asked often by people and groups how to start a community garden, we keep this website up as a free public service, linking to a guidebook we produced to help people get growing.

Grow well!